Butusova Nailya

Nailya Butusova (born 1988) – was born in Syzran (Samara Region), lives in Zhukovsky, Moscow area. Nailya – a graduate of the Russian Academy of Painting, sculpture and architecture, specialty cultural heritage protection. Nailya began her career as a journalist and worked on a cycle articles on the history of estates near Moscow. She currently performs in as an illustrator and works mainly in two directions – architectural graphics and fashion illustration. Nailya Butusova works in a recognizable graphic manner. In her illustrations
it combines watercolor, as well as ink and feather techniques.

About the Artist:
My name Simia, I was born and live in Ukraine, he studied in England. I prefer to remain unnoticed. My style of art is
modern art, sometimes experimenting. My works are
in private collections in different countries such as:
England, France, USA, Mexico and others …

About the Artist:
English/French artist, born in Paris, France in 1989 , started his creative journey at six under the tutelage of a Beaux-Arts professor before relocating to London to study with the University of Arts and pursue his ambitions to establish himself in the international art world. Music plays a major role in his creativity – he composes and performs .

Artist’s Statement:
Claudio Giulianelli was born in Rome on September 23rd, 1956.
He attended a college of chemical sciences. During his studies he felt a growing interest in the arts. His passion grew stronger and that led him to study art history in depth and various painting techniques. He focused his research on classical art guided by a thorough observation of the Old
Masters’ paintings.

Irene was born in Siberia. My home town is Novosibirsk. In 1940, my father’s family were deported to Siberia from Belarus. The deportation was a horrible experience for the family. My father wrote memoirs about it and his childhood. His stories helped me to understand who I am, and now it is my experience too. I lived in Siberia for 38 years.

Born in 1985, Erevan, Armenia

Born in Moscow. Graduated from RGU named A.N. Kosygina, specializing in fashion designer. Engaged in painting since childhood. Particular attention was paid to the study of the works of Paul Cezanne. Since 2014 I have been working in the areas of Cubism, Constructivism, Cezanism. My painting is characterized by the saturation and contrast of color combinations, cubization and generalization of forms, rhythmic shifts, the transmission of the real “life” of color and light.

Artist Statement: “Sensuality, Color and Design are out of chaos, without the aid of mind”

Date of Birth: September 18th, 1960

Hometown: Gorlovka, Ukraine.

Natalia received her degree from Leningradsky Polytechnic University. Natalia discovered her hidden Art talent after her 30’s. She received an Art Degree from Korobeynikov’s studio in Leningrad, Russia. Art gives her the possibility to feel the connection within herself. She prefers to paint people and flowers. Natalia’s style has changed over the years, and now it has come to impressionism. Currently she is working on the project “Tree” for PolArt residence in Norilsk, Russia. This project is about a connection between the time, heaven and earth.

About the Artist:
Abby graduated in 2004 with a BFA in Crafts from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has since participated in numerous group shows in Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Tennessee, and South Korea as well as had 4 solo shows in the Philadelphia area. In January of 2009 she won First Place in the Bucks County Gallery of Fine Art’s annual juried art competition.

About the Artist
Valerie Vescovi was born 1954 in Somerville, NJ, grew up in Miami and has been a resident of Boca Raton since 2000.
Exhibited a natural talent for art since early childhood and has been painting in oils since the age of 12.
The artist has spent her life developing her unique style, She has evolved a rhythmic cubist style to express her individualized interpretation of the life around her. Her abstractions of musicians and dancers are dramatic in their use of color and contrast with the dynamic use of line add to the power of her work.