Rosenbaum Natalia

Artist Statement: “Sensuality, Color and Design are out of chaos, without the aid of mind”

Date of Birth: September 18th, 1960

Hometown: Gorlovka, Ukraine.

Natalia received her degree from Leningradsky Polytechnic University. Natalia discovered her hidden Art talent after her 30’s. She received an Art Degree from Korobeynikov’s studio in Leningrad, Russia. Art gives her the possibility to feel the connection within herself. She prefers to paint people and flowers. Natalia’s style has changed over the years, and now it has come to impressionism. Currently she is working on the project “Tree” for PolArt residence in Norilsk, Russia. This project is about a connection between the time, heaven and earth.

Her favorite artists : Velasquez and Renoir.

Personal Exhibitions:

2003, “The decrease of the entropy”, Creative Union of the russian artists. St-Petersburg , Russia.
2003, “Moscow International Art Salon”, Central House of Artist. Moscow, Russia.
2003, “Art of Natalia Rosenbaum”, Exhibition Hall “ARS”. St-Petersburg , Russia.
2004, “Watercolor of Natalia Rosenbaum”, Government museum of the city sculpture. St-Petersburg, Russia.
2005, “Frames”, Central House of Artist. Moscow, Russia.
2005, “Art of Natalia Rosenbaum”, Eurasia-bank. Moscow , Russia.
2006, “Figures”, The Light Gallery. London, United Kindom.
2006, “Formulas”, Central Art House. Moscow, Russia.
2006, “Nature by Natalia Rosenbaum”. St. Petersburg, Russia
2011, “Invitation to Travel”, the museum “Erarta”. St-Petersburg , Russia.
2015, “Dance of the Authentic. The closest circle. Extended version”, Perm Art Residence. Perm, Russia.
2015, “Dance of the Authentic. The closest circle. St. Petersburg, Russia

Group Exhibitions:

2003, “Bienalle – 2003”, Florence, Italy.
2003, “Traditional and contemporary Art”-Manege Central Exhibition Hall . St. Petersburg, Russia.
2004, “Real Feelings”-Moscow, Russia
2004, “Russian view on Italy”-St. Petersburg, Russia
2004, “Sounds and Symbols”. St. Petersburg, Russia
2004, “Bienalle Graphics-2004”-Manege Central Exhibition Hall. St. Petersburg, Russia
2006, “BLAU”. Majorca, Spain
2006, “Days of St-Petersburg in France”, Central exhibiton Hall. Nancy, France.
2007, “Nude International 2007”, Lexington, Kentuky, USA.
2007, “Contemporary Art, Image and Critique”, AT Culture. Argentina.
2007, “Subjective Reality”, Agora Gallery. New York, NY, USA.
2007, “Art-Bridge : St-Petersburg – Jerusalem”, Creative Union of Russian Artists. St-Petersburg, Russia.
2007, “Peterburg, color of music”-Museum Center at Moscow University. Moscow, Russia
2009, “Sensorial Realities”, Agora Gallery. New York, NY, USA.

On exhibit at Museums:

-Museum of Russian Literature “RAN” (House of Pushkin)-St. Petersburg, Russia

-Museum of Contemporary Art “Erart”-St. Petersburg, Russia

-Art Museum of Samara Region-Samara, Russia

-South Sahalin Art Museum-South Sahalin, Russia

-Murmansk Art Museum-Murmansk, Russia