Butusova Nailya

Nailya Butusova (born 1988) – was born in Syzran (Samara Region), lives in Zhukovsky, Moscow area. Nailya – a graduate of the Russian Academy of Painting, sculpture and architecture, specialty cultural heritage protection. Nailya began her career as a journalist and worked on a cycle articles on the history of estates near Moscow. She currently performs in as an illustrator and works mainly in two directions – architectural graphics and fashion illustration. Nailya Butusova works in a recognizable graphic manner. In her illustrations
it combines watercolor, as well as ink and feather techniques.

Participation in exhibitions and festivals:
2019 – collective exhibition Il profondo della Russia, Florence
2018 – collective exhibition at the art festival “New Art Fest”, Sochi
2018 – victory in the competition “My plein air” from the art festival “New Art Fest”
2017 – collective exhibition of the finalists of the social advertising festival
“The Art of Living” on Chistoprudny Boulevard, Moscow
2017 – victory in the Art of Living social advertising festival in the nomination
“Design and artwork”
2017 – personal exhibition in the TsAGI House of Scientists, Zhukovsky
2016 – debut solo exhibition in the library reading room named after A.S. Pushkin,